What is coaching?

Prosper Your Perspective

When people hear that I’m a coach, the first thing they ask is: what do you coach for? Very simple, and at the same time, very difficult question… I’ve been trying to answer it in different ways. Here is yet another attempt. 😊

In a few words, I coach people with the aim that they clarify and achieve their own work-related or personal goals better and faster. And that they make their transformative development in the long term.

Coaching is the time that belongs to the coachee. It is a time when the efforts of myself and my coachee are concentrated around their goals and vision, around their priorities in order to enable them to achieve something important. Something, that would not be possible to be achieved by a single person. Nor would it be achieved if you simply added the efforts of two of us. Coaching miracle happens as a result of connecting with my coachee at the conscious and subconscious levels. That’s what works wonders.

Through coaching people achieve to be more of themselves, better understand and connect not only with themselves but also with the rest of the world. This makes them stronger, smarter, healthier, happier and more successful in their work and private life.

I’m not sure if I managed to clarify the idea of coaching a little bit, or the things have become even fuzzier after reading it. The main thing is that I’ve tried… like many people did before me and will surely do in the future.