My services will help you use evaluations, operational research and other exercises of this kind as an effective and valid tool enabling you to advance your organizational learning and accountability agenda. My support can cover any stage of the evaluation and research process, including the planning and management stages, methodology design, establishing quality assurance procedures, data collection and analysis, reporting, presentation and follow up on results.

Evaluations Conducted

  • Evaluator: The Use of Antibiotics and its Drivers in MSF OCBA Projects: Case Study Report Bissau, Guinea Bissau. 2018
  • Review Manager: Perception of MSF-Austria by its donors: Motivational Drivers and Developments on the Austrian Donation Market, 2019
  • Evaluator - ART/TB scale-up in Gokwe North by MSF-OCA, 2014 (see the full report here)
  • Evaluator - Severe Adverse Event: Intrauterine Foetal Demise, Ruptured Uterus, Dagahaley Camp, MSF-OCG. 27 January 2014 to 2 February 2014
  • Principle evaluator, team leader - Decentralisation of HIV/TB care in Shiselweni Region of Swaziland: Making a Difference—combined evaluation report, 2013 (see the full report here)
  • Team leader - Perception and Acceptability: Evaluation of the Decentralisation Strategy for HIV/TB Care in Shiselweni, 2013
  • Principle evaluator - Decentralisation Model and Outcome Analysis, Evaluation of the Decentralisation Strategy for HIV/TB Care in Shiselweni, Swaziland. 2013 (see the summary here)
  • Evaluator, team leader - Review of the OCA Emergency Intervention in Liben, Ethiopia. 2012 (see the summary here)
  • Evaluator, Team Leader- Evaluation of the Remote Control Programme in Shagil Tobaya, Sudan. January-March 2012 (see the summary here)
  • Evaluator, team-member - Review of the MSF International Fund for Innovation and Operational Research, 2011 (see the summary here)
  • Evaluator - Evaluation of Lassa Fever Intervention in Bo, Sierra Leone. January-April 2011 (see the summary here)
  • Assessor - Assessment of the secondary and tertiary health care needs in Juba, South Sudan (for MSF-OCG). 2010.
  • Evaluator, team member - Evaluation Report on Remote Control Programmes in MSF. 2009 (OCA & OCG) (see a summary here)
  • Evaluator Consultant - Evaluation of the PMTCT programme in Busia, Kenya, MSF-OCBA. September-October 2008